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Only $2.49
Retail Price: $3.38
Product Code: 2826
UPC: 040421001569
Package: Jewel Case
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Ship Weight: 0.40 lbs.

Platform: Windows

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Sex, Religion, Possession, Death Bob is the scum of the Heavens, an angel in name only.

He's been asked by the 'Big Man' Himself to rub out those "Screw Ups down on Earth". He has the power to possess anyone and use sinners to slay sinners. He can enter over 40 characters and control them to mutilate, sneak, impale, charm and creatively wipe out other vermin, but it takes cunning to decide who to possess

  • As Bob, you can possess and control any of over 40 characters, including: Prostitutes, cops, behemoths, priests, bouncers, sub girls, bondage dancers, gigolos, demons, chots, welders, nuclear workers, medics, bartenders, dwarves, pimps, monsters, animals and much more!
  • Over 10 different weapons, including: rocket propelled harpoons, needle guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers, grenades, stun guns.
  • Use enemies as weapons.
  • All characters have real skin covering their bones, resulting in skin that jiggles and stretches in all the right places.
  • RT-DAT technology will generate the most detailed characters and worlds your personal machine can handle. You will actually get to see your machine being used at 100% of it's capacity.
  • Playing Messiah uses every part of your PC to it's fullest potential including the CD-ROM and hard drive, ensuring they are all pushed to their maximum output during game play.
  • Two and a half years in the making. The Messiah engine has unlimited sound, unlimited graphics, unlimited level size and unlimited animations.
  • It feels like no other game you have played before.
  • Possess and control over 40 different characters. From giant Armored Behemoths to tiny Rats, all they need is a living soul and to turn their back to you, and they're all yours!
  • Characters are real, you can hurt them or help them. They will run when scared, and attack in groups. They will use the world against you to track you down.
  • Cops, Behemoths, Priests, Prostitutes, Bouncers, Pimps, Gigolos, Sewer people, Vagrants, Welders, Nuclear Technicians, Riot Police, Bar Tenders, Medics, you play as them all.
  • Over 10 unique and devastating weapons including flame throwers, pump action shot guns, machine guns, bazookas, rocket propelled harpoon guns, buzzsaws, ice guns, and mines.
  • Incredibly accurate weapons and realistic damage to characters and targets.
  • Dead bodies stay around until you join them

System Requirements

Windows 95/98Me/XP . DirectX 7 required (installer included) . Pentium II 233 . MB Direct X certified 3D accelerator card (supports most major D3D or Glide compatible) . 64Mb RAM . 4x CD-ROM or faster . DirectX certified sound card . Microsoft compatible mouse . 600 MB hard disk space


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