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Thinkin' Things Collection 2

Thinkin' Things Collection 2

Only $0.99
Retail Price: $11.93
Product Code: 3585
UPC: 798936822246
Package: Jewel Case
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Platform: Win/Mac

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For Ages 6 to 12

Develop Thinking Skills Essential for Learning Success!

In this rapidly changing world, kids with strong thinking skills will thrive and excel. That's why the educators at Edmark developed Thinkin' Things Collection 2, a powerful set of tools and toys that strengthen observation and analysis, develop spatial awareness, improve memory and foster creativity. With a strong grasp of these dills, your child is ready to succeed.

Product Features!
  • Did you see it? Hear it? Concentrate. Were those two Fripples wearing the same hat? Were they speaking the same language? Strengthen listening, observation and memory skills with Frippletration. For one or two players.
  • Learn Tunes with Toony. Build listening skills and auditory memory as you learn all-time favorite songs on one of four wacky xylophones.
  • Listen. Which line did Crocker play? Kids explore rhythmic notation on their own high-tech jammin' machine and match the band members to the rhythm lines they played.
  • New dimensions for thinking. Explore 3-dimensional visualization and optical illusion. Draw or erase on the 2D workspace and watch as your picture is instantly mapped onto a spinning 3D image.
  • Strengthen visual thinking with moving art. Use a "masking" tool to separate pictures into foreground and background layers, then direct a "snake" of shapes under, over and through your amazing designs.
  • Grows with your child. As your child succeeds, Grow Slides automatically increase the level of difficulty. You can track your child's progress and adjust the slides from within the activities.
  • Help your child build thinking skills. In Dear Parents, Edmark's Donna Stanger, a teacher for 20 years, discusses thinking skills and each of the activities in Thinkin' Things Collection 2!

  • System Requirements

    PC Requirements-Windows 3.1(enhanced mode)/95 or later . 8MB RAM . CD-ROM drive(double-speed or faster recommended) . 486 or better required(33MHz or faster recommended) . Super VGA . 640x480(256 colors, or more, required) . 2MB Hard Disk Space . Mouse . Windows-compatible sound-output device . Optional: Microphone, Edmark TouchWindow
    MAC Requirements-System 6.0.7 or higher . Color Macintosh (256 colors required) . CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended) . 4MB RAM required (8MB recommended) . Optional: Microphone, Edmark TouchWindow

    Screen Shots
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